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A Daily Word with Dr. Ed Young

Daily thoughts from God's Word that will help you find the strength, resolve, peace and comfort you need at this very moment in your life

A Good Thing

Daily Devotions from BBH Lasserre Bradley & Justin Huffman ground your heart with grace

Our Journey Online

Walk in the Word ministries provokes Christians to think and act on their faith

A Wisdom Retreat

Waters of refreshment for the despondent, restoration for the delinquent, and daily reflection for every disciple who seeks to know God more deeply

A Woman's Walk

Weekly workplace devotional from God's Love at Work

Al Mohler Update

Al Mohler's thoughts and commentary on news and culture

Alternative View

Practical biblical application for everyday life... not according to our own agenda, but the Kingdom Agenda!

Answering the Mysteries of Jesus Christ

Jesus.org features real answers to your legitimate questions about the birth, ministry, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Answers for Each Day

A day-by-day devotional to strengthen your walk with Christ

Bible Pathways

Daily - Read through the Bible in a year in 15 minutes a day


Daily - Cutting edge commentary from Chuck Colson

Crosswalk.com - The Devotional

Daily - Truths observed at the intersection of faith and life by Crosswalk.com editors

Crosswalk Culture Update

A daily tour of what’s fresh in movies, music, books and more.

Crosswalk Daily Inspirations

A daily pick from our variety of devotionals - truly a daily inspiration!

Crosswalk Daily Update

Read the latest articles of the day that will impact your life from Crosswalk.com

Crosswalk Faith Update

Featuring top Crosswalk articles that will challenge your Christian faith

Crosswalk Family Update

Weekly - Highlights from the Crosswalk Family Channel

Crosswalk Films and Faith

Weekly - Movie and video reviews and recommendations

Crosswalk Marriage Newsletter

Weekly - Articles to help you grow closer in your marriage

Crosswalk Home School Encouragement

Weekly - Humor and encouragement from the world of home schooling

Crosswalk Finance

Weekly - Insight and topics concerning financial matters

Crosswalk Women's Newsletter

Weekly - Issues, advice, resuources and more for women

Crosswalk Men's Newsletter

Weekly - Issues, advice, resources and more for men

Crosswalk Parenting Newsletter

Weekly - Raising kids God's way

Crosswalk Singles

Weekly - A fresh perspective on being single

Pastors Weekly

A comprehensive update on church issues, latest studies, sermon ideas, and more!

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